To utilize the POWER of CELEBRITY to bring awareness and healing to mental illness and addiction.
Boski and Dana Kent
Executive Producers

Why The New Docu-Series?

The Marilyn Monroe Real Life Investigation docu-series was birthed out of the feature film around Marilyn, called Goodnight Marilyn (Not at all a bio pic, (a thriller noir, similar to the film, LA Confidential) as well as our global radio show that has thousands of fans from all over the world – Germany, Canada, France, UK, Japan, Brazil, China, Russia, Australia, and of course the US. In fact, we even have fans from Iran, Ukraine and Africa all listening in! One of the main objectives of this docu-series and my main passion, is to bring awareness and inspiration to those suffering from mental illness, as well as addiction, especially as this relates to prescription drugs. It is an epidemic in today’s society. Americans use more prescription drugs today than a decade ago, and spend more than twice as much for them, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The past decade saw a 10 percent increase in the number of Americans using at least one prescription drug and a 20 percent jump in the number of people using two or more prescription medicines. The number of Americans using five or more prescription drugs increased 70 percent over the past 10 years!

The Marilyn Monroe case is almost 55 years old. Marilyn’s family history has a strong line of mental illness. She was not treated properly, somewhat due to the time period back in 1962. Most likely she suffered from both Borderline Personality Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder, two of the most commonly misunderstood and highly untreated disorders due to the stigma of the disease. Worse yet, many doctors back in the 1960’s did not know enough about mental illness to treat it correctly. However, that is not the case today. In fact, the Marilyn Monroe case is more relevant today because we do know so much more, and we have access to many new tools, systems and information. And yet, prescription drug use is on the rise, celebrity deaths alone in that past few years have included, Prince, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Philip Seymor Hoffman and Anna Nicole Smith to name a few. In Marilyn’s case, the star died of the combination of Nembutal and Choral Hydrate. Our approach to the case is to bring awareness and healing to an epidemic that is plaguing not only celebrities, but people throughout the world.

Marilyn Monroe's death, like many celebrities after her, has been one of tragedy. In order for us to move beyond that though, we need to get to the truth and consequent healing, which then brings forth transformation, whether you are Marilyn Monroe or the average person trying to live his or her life. Our goal is to utilize Marilyn’s legacy now for something that can be more evolved than the headlines that read, “Who killed Marilyn Monroe?’ Her story is bigger than that and can finally be applied for something that can have a huge and positive impact on society. She has over 14 million Facebook fans and almost everyone in the public, from ages 6-96, knows who the legendary icon is. People look to celebrities as role models and for inspiration. Let us tell the story of Marilyn Monroe that can inspire people to get help. Ben Affleck who just got out of rehab said,“He decided to go public because it can help someone else.”

The celebrity’s life is a microcosm of today's society. It is time to shed a bright light on mental health in this country and do something besides put a Band-Aid on this enormous issue. There are so many people that are filled with no hope, similar to Marilyn that make people relate to her vulnerability and fragility, because they fill the despair too.


"Somehow remaining downward
The most, but strong as a cobweb hanging in the wind –
I exist more with the cold, glistening frost.
But my beaded rays have the colors I’ve seen
in a painting — ah life they have cheated you."
Marilyn Monroe, Fragments

Being a transformational leader, my commitment is to help transform the world. I know that with this docu-series, we can help millions of people by bringing awareness to this epidemic that needs some serious attention. It is time to move from a reactive society to a more preventative and proactive society, making mental health part of everyday life, like going to the gym or eating right.

With the right support and team who are committed to the same goal, along with the belief, the structure, and the resources, anything is possible - especially in healing and overcoming mental illness in this country.

Marilyn Monroe would often say to people, “Say a good thought for me.” Let’s expand that thought now into real action, that in this case, moves from a tragedy to one of truth and healing. For the real Marilyn, that far too few knew, would have wanted this first and foremost, not only for herself, but for the people suffering from mental illness and addiction around the world.

“I am trying to find myself.
Sometimes that is not easy to do.
Millions of people live their entire lives without finding themselves.
…But it is something I must do.” 
Marilyn Monroe

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