Media Training
"The world of media is complex and in order to influence those around you, you have to be on top of your game – and that means bringing out your authentic self and connecting emotionally to your audience. "
Nina Boski

Media Training

Let America’s leading media coach, guide you to the top of your media or high powered presentation. Whether you have a big talk in front of 10 or thousands, or you are hosting or getting ready for a TV interview, Nina’s company, LifeBites Global can help you create or help polish up your media skills.  When it comes to media training, Nina has had over 25 years’ experience in media, in front of, and behind the camera. You want to learn from people who have been in the front lines, and have worked in the world of media.

Nina Boski and her team of professionals will help you get ready – camera ready that is!

Message Development

Message development is not about writing or presenting a speech. It is about creating a story and bringing people into the content by creating effective anecdotes and quotes that can help your audience emotionally connect to what you are saying. We will help you come up with the content that will make your talk or interview compelling, which produces lasting power.

Live Talk Show Format Interview

From local TV to the networks and cable; the talk show format is a popular way to get products and services seen and talked about. We have the experience you need to deliver the types of segments that will have producers asking you back over and over again. The key is to be conversational, not rehearsed.

The Sound “Bite” Interview:

The sound bite interview is a whole different ballgame. In addition to the Live Talk Show format skills, you will learn the difference between live interviews and recorded interviews, and the art of the sound bite. You will get great at staying on point and learn how to present yourself in a concise, but fun way. Branding yourself without overselling

The Confrontational Interview:

Some hosts like to put their guests on the defensive from the start of the interview (especially in political or crisis formats). When it comes to this type of interview it is all about being prepared and staying calm under pressure and answering questions that show forward thinking not reactionary answers.  Learn how to stay on point and deliver the message you want the public to hear. This is about getting your agenda across, not the other way around. Learning how to maximize control and steering clear of negativity.

The Quick Call Coaching:

Just got a call and they want an interview or audition today? We can help with last minute coaching in per-son, via skype, phone or email.

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"Nina gave short inspirational message on the online version of Elle. Wherever she goes, she helps people”

John Gray

Best Selling Author “Men are Mars, Women are from Venus”

“Nina eludes success!  It’s time for Nina to share her gifts with the world.”

Marianne Williamson

Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Transformer

“We need to go deeper with media, ourselves. It’s about connecting. Nina connects.” 

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