“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!”
Mary Lou Cook

LifeBites Lunch Box Seminars are for lifestyles on the go and they are designed to feed your mind and your body. Most of us spend 8-16 hours a day in our career, which leaves little time for the rest of our life, let alone being able to access new information.
Now with Lunch Box Seminars, groups and organizations can fit learning and fun into everyday life without leaving the office or building! The hour longs sessions are designed to get people back on track ly – A Connecting jolt, that gets people in touch with company initiatives or their own internal motivation.
Companies are releasing that keeping employees and groups engaged is a big issue. It affects the bottom-line. Workplace stress is on the rise and costing corporate America a fortune. Some estimate the 80% of healthcare issues are stress related. The Excellence of Management Institute reports that, corporations pay 26 billion per year for medical bills and disability payments with another 10 billion paid out for executives in lost work days, hospitalization and early loss of life. In addition to these staggering figures, STRESS takes its toll through quality control, legal issues, lost opportunities, poor performance and bad attitudes.

Lunch Box Seminars Include:

  • One Hour Sessions
  • Follow up support (if needed)
  • A set of LifeBites cards ( Gift from us)
  • Access to “The Jolt” VIP Facebook group

Lunch and Learn

Give us 60-minutes and we will change your energy, change your life.

This is one of RR’s most popular lunch and learns, as we take you on a journey to explore where you are balanced and powerful and where you may need a little, let’s just say, adjustment. This is a clear way to know what areas of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need to be recharged, rebalanced and realigned in order to be operating at the ultimate energy level.

Other Topics Include:

  • Conflict Resolution Tool Kit
  • Manager 101
  • Vision-Values
  • The Happy Dance
  • Time and Transitions
  • Beyond Belief – (Sales and Leadership) 

*Lunch and Learns also available in Breakfast Bites and Happy Hour Huddles

Take a Bite Out of Life, Before Life Takes a Bite Out of You!

For more information on LifeBites’ Lunch Box lunch and learn,


Nina: 310-567-LIFE (5433) or lunch@lifebites.com