Juice Pray Love

As Elizabeth Gilbert journeyed from Italy to India to Bali seeking peace of mind and body, join the ChakWave ChakTox community journeying through the Chakra system. ChakWave promotes a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit via organic juice blends of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. The seven delicious juices correspond with the seven Chakras.

Think of ChakWave as a healthy holiday. Stop mindless rummaging through cupboards, and stop spending oodles of money on prescription drugs. Take back your time and reclaim your willpower.

Cleansing the body to rid oneself of excess waste and disease via resting from foods for a period of time and drinking fruit and vegetable juices plus plenty of water is the goal.

We can look at cleansing our bodies in the same way as we look at maintaining our cars. If we never check, clean, or replace clogged tubes, and continue to drive them, they often break down.

Our machine from its conception was designed to run on pure, unpolluted, unprocessed fuel from Mother Earth. Drinking juices for multiple days differs from fasting, defined as water intake only. Detoxing helps in lightening your body, preventing physical degeneration by eliminating toxic build-up in tissues and organs.

ChakWave’s healthy detox supports you in feeling cleansed and operating at your full potential. Organic, living foods are used to create the enzyme filled raw concoctions. It truly is a physical, mental, and spiritual experience.

7 Chakras, 7 Days of the week…coincidence?  We think not.

To begin your personal journey, visit www.ChakWave.com.