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Two Broads Inc. (The business consulting services part of LifeBites) brings the basics back to business! Founders Dana Kent and Nina Boski take the rhetoric and inflated systems out of the workplace and offer companies and executives across the country the KEY in organically sustaining business for the 21st century. That key is called is it’s “people.” Now that technology has surpassed the human component in business today, it’s time to balance the people perspective with the insight and experience within a company and bring practical systems to your organization and/or strategic objectives.

Two Broads Inc. Offers:

  • Executive Consulting/Coaching
  • Cultural Positioning
  • Motivating: Key Note Speaking/Workshops
  • Brand Belief Systems
  • Sales Training and Development
  • Business Strategy Sessions
  • Sales and Company Retreats or Conventions
  • LunchBox Seminars


  • If you could change one thing about your organization, what would it be and why?
  • What has kept you from addressing it in the past? (i.e., resources, time, knowledge, etc.)
  • If you could use three words to describe your business, what would they be? Example: LifeBites company words – “Inspiring, Fun and Thought Provoking.”


Inspire. Grow. Become.

Nina Boski is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, facilitator, coach, TV/radio host and is the founder of LifeBites Media, a multi-media company that gets you thinking about and improving your life.

Nina’s passion for life is evident the moment she walks into a room. With over 15 years dedicated to corporate life. She knows firsthand the difficulties business have today, not only from the employee perspective but as a business owner. Her unique abilities fuel her drive to make sure there is a balance between achieving goals and She specializes in eastern-western techniques which bring a fresh, new business perspective and balance to corporate life, not only for people here in the United States but abroad.

Nina’s demand has caused her to developed “Business Inspired” a dedicated section on her website that promotes the next generation of business leaders, strategy and techniques today. She is also the co-author of a book for women, called the Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs.

Nina’s Thoughts: “I have a keen ability to get to heart of the matter in challenging business situations, which makes me a great asset to a company or business executives seeking to change or tweak their present environment. There is plenty of information out there that can give someone the tools to business, but if you don’t connect to your customer or your employees it can cost you thousands if not millions of dollars in lost revenue each year. Growing up in the business era of people becoming more technology and mechanically driven, I think it more important today than ever that we bring back the “people connection” into business. Most employees and business leaders are having earlier burnout rates because they can’t keep up with the demands of the culture let alone the demands on time and energy. The KEY in business as in life is to command your own use of time and energy and let that be the driving force. Not the other way around.

Dana Kent
DECIDE to be FEARLESS enough to get out of YOUR OWN WAY!

Dana Kent is currently a sales and management consultant. Her charismatic and no-nonsense approach allows her to be one of the most sought after consultants of her time.

As the President of Kent Enterprises she has joined with LifeBites Media to form TWO BROADS INC. for business consulting, motivating and strategy. Dana has been leading and motivating sales people her entire 20-plus year career life. Last year at the National Convention for Muzak, she garnered the only standing ovation with “Don’t Blame your Sales on the Economy.” She also offers a sales management course offered on line at

Beyond her talents and skill set though, it’s Dana’s energy and passion in the world of motivating and inspiring people to meet their potential that really sets her apart from other consulting professionals.

Dana’s Thoughts: “I’ve always had the ability to see the “black and white” of a situation. I believe that everyone has lots of untapped potential. Most people hide behind the deficiencies of others and blame them for their problems. Once we take away all the “reasons” for failure, success can be allowed to happen. I might make you uncomfortable, for just a moment, while I challenge you to push your own envelope and personal boundaries. In that moment you realize what is standing in your way. Then you move past it and on to better things and a better life.”

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