LifeBites Motto: “Normal is overrated. Embrace every freedom and opportunity to be socially unique.”

A New Jersey native, Karen has worked in many areas of entertainment, both on and off-stage. With a varied professional background that includes performance, writing, public relations, production, customer service and more, she remains heavily ingrained in – and passionate for – the industry. She pens a television blog (TVTourGuide.net) and keeps abreast of everything Hollywood. Now a part of the LifeBites Media team as an all-around jack of all trades.


Field Reporter, “Man on the Street”

LifeBites Motto: “Don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cash.”

Edward comes from a family of entertainers. It was early in life he felt the need to make people laugh and so he followed his passion and became a comedian. Performing at venues such as The Comedy Store and The Ice House, he rocks his shows and keeps them in stitches.

In 2004 he went from being on stage to being in front of a camera. Edward has worked on ChuckSharkand Desperate Housewives. He currently works with the Miss America Organization as a Certified Judge and Host to their many local pageants. Edward is thrilled to join the LifeBites Team as their “Man On The Street.”


Talent Booker
LifeBites Motto: “The only person who can knock you down and pick you back up is yourself.”

Jeanette is originally from the great state of Texas, born in San Antonio. Once she graduated from Texas State University with her handy, dandy Journalism degree, she bolted to the wonderfully wacky city of Los Angeles where she spent half of her life working in the music business before committing to a writing career. She also spent a brief stint in sunny Miami Beach.

Jeanette worked as a publicist for an independent record label and from there worked in radio going on to make her mark at a popular music video channel writing promotional copy, interviewing music artists, filming concerts, editing promotional spots and everything in between. She eventually left the music industry to focus solely on her writing. After paying her dues, she founded and appointed herself editor-in-chief of one of the first online magazines for young Latinas. She went on to write for several print and online publications, writing everything from creative articles to press releases to web content.

Today, Jeanette is one of the founders of Him and Her, a web and content creative studio, and recently opened Bark, her public relations and marketing company catering to the creative community.


Chief Transformational Officer
LifeBites Motto: “Our only limits are the ones we create for ourselves. Be bold and dare to be all you can be.”

Gigi brings dynamic corporate-side experience as a senior leader having developed business strategy and building out legacy and start-up high-performance, highly engaged teams; while training, coaching and directing marketing, communications and business development organizations. She and her teams have received a host of awards as well as recognition in multiple-organizations as a “Center of Excellence.”

Her unique blend of innovation and best practices has helped RR clients successfully build and navigate a multi-generational culture and workforce, train and coach individuals and teams to experience greater fulfillment and achieve superior results – empowering people and teams to be the best version of themselves to breakthrough new challenges and old paradigms. Gigi has worked internationally with companies like GE Capital, ING, Pacific Life, Martin Marietta Aerospace; and start-ups like Big Media USA, Be Real Management (radio), CB Resource, and financial communications.