Founder and Host

LifeBites Motto: “Failing and succeeding go hand in hand.”

At the age of 17, Nina Boski started her career as a Disc Jockey. By the age of 21, she was a top 40 DJ in Los Angeles. From there she went onto host and produce videos for cable TV networks. Eventually, Nina expanded into promotions, marketing and television advertising, creating packages for cable networks. She was employed by The Box Music Cable Network (MTV2), a division of Viacom, Inc. and became responsible for the entire west coast sales and development of all the entertainment business from the creation of movie segments to advertising deals. Throughout the years, Nina has always maintained a passion and commitment to her personal growth and encourages others to do the same! By bridging lifestyle and entertainment, she started her own multimedia company, LifeBites Media, (LBM). LifeBites initially aired as a radio show, and has evolved into the launch of, syndicated radio segments, and video segments airing in Loews Theaters, Border’s Books and Music, Carl’s Jr., Suncoast Video, Musicland, and, branded merchandise sold in retails stores, along with TV segments that have aired on WE, The Hallmark TV Channel as well as LIME Media targeting the GREEN lifestyle. The goal of the company is to cross-promote across all media.

Nina resides in Los Angeles, where she consults and teaches clients how to bring positive energy into their lives. She is known as the “Energy Coach,” and works with executives to athletes to everyday people and teens who want to improve the quality of their life. Nina’s approach is very practical. She uses a combination of east meets west techniques. “There is a lot of power between the two cultures. One is not better than the other. It’s all about integrating and balancing your life. I find these two approaches really help my clients – By using practical methods in building your goals and dreams (west), with helping you release blocks, known as your energy centers or chakras (east), I don’t just get people talking about their dreams, I get them living it!”

LifeBites was created to give people accessible, entertaining and stimulating products and services to get them to “thinking about their lives!” LifeBites’ motto is “Take A Bite Out of Life, Before Life Takes a Bite Out of You!”



LifeBites Motto: “Normal is overrated. Embrace every freedom and opportunity to be socially unique.”

A New Jersey native, Karen has worked in many areas of entertainment, both on and off-stage. With a varied professional background that includes performance, writing, public relations, production, customer service and more, she remains heavily ingrained in – and passionate for – the industry. She pens a television blog ( and keeps abreast of everything Hollywood. Now a part of the LifeBites Media team.


Business Development and Social Media Consultant

LifeBites Motto: “My patience will always achieve more than my force.”

Derek was born and raised in southern California. After graduating from Calabasas High School in 2007, he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. Always having had a passion for business, his major seemed an obvious choice, but after some trial and error, he found an interest in psychology.

While in college during the summers, Derek attended educational programs centered on entrepreneurship and had many internships centered on construction and real estate. With relevant experience, it seemed natural to pursue a career in the latter field so his first job out of college was at the commercial real estate management firm NewMark Merrill companies. It was here that Derek discovered another talent and opened his eyes to the world of social marketing. Within a year Derek had changed the company’s perspective on social media, officially integrating it into their marketing dept.

An entrepreneur at heart, Derek decided he was too young to lock himself into a career in real estate. After leaving NewMark Merrill, he took his abundance of social media knowledge and started OSD Media, a full-service, creative ad firm specializing in social media.

Since starting OSD Media, Derek has forged many partnerships within the social marketing industry and has centered greatly on entertainment media, believing that the entertainment industry is well suited for the emergent explosion of social media.


Technical Producer

LifeBites Motto: “Find a story that you love and cherish. It will reveal something about yourself, to yourself.”

Since childhood, Eric has held an interest in entertainment with a desire to craft independent and feature films. Upon graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design, he devoted a number of years creating unique 3D animatics for television, film and print with companies such as Famous Frames, HotHouse Productions and several independently funded projects. Simultaneously working on a number of feature film productions within the film-industry, the siren’s song of Hollywood soon pursued him to reconsider cartoons for cameras. His unique and culminating experiences over the last few years have reinforced his strong technical skills and helped him develop a great eye for quality creative results. A passion for spiritual and professional growth has led him to an exciting venture with the LifeBites Live Team!


Technical Producer

LifeBites Motto: “Always be yourself, because everyone else is taken.”

Karlie Powell, 23, is a small town girl with big city dreams. Aspiring to become a television personality and producer, she recently relocated to California from Manton, Mich., after graduating from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts and a master’s in Electronic Media. Karlie is a total pop culture junkie who frequents concerts and movie premieres and loves exploring Los Angeles. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her family, friends and her dof Ka$h. 🙂


Field Reporter, “Man on the Street”

LifeBites Motto: “Don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cash.”

Edward comes from a family of entertainers. It was early in life he felt the need to make people laugh and so he followed his passion and became a comedian. Performing at venues such as The Comedy Store and The Ice House, he rocks his shows and keeps them in stitches.

In 2004 he went from being on stage to being in front of a camera. Edward has worked on Chuck, Shark and Desperate Housewives. He currently works with the Miss America Organization as a Certified Judge and Host to their many local pageants. Edward is thrilled to join the LifeBites Team as their “Man On The Street.”


Talent Booker
LifeBites Motto: “The only person who can knock you down and pick you back up is yourself.” 

Jeanette is originally from the great state of Texas, born in San Antonio. Once she graduated from Texas State University with her handy, dandy Journalism degree, she bolted to the wonderfully wacky city of Los Angeles where she spent half of her life working in the music business before committing to a writing career. She also spent a brief stint in sunny Miami Beach.

Jeanette worked as a publicist for an independent record label and from there worked in radio going on to make her mark at a popular music video channel writing promotional copy, interviewing music artists, filming concerts, editing promotional spots and everything in between. She eventually left the music industry to focus solely on her writing. After paying her dues, she founded and appointed herself editor-in-chief of one of the first online magazines for young Latinas. She went on to write for several print and online publications, writing everything from creative articles to press releases to web content. 

Today, Jeanette is one of the founders of Him and Her, a web and content creative studio, and recently opened Bark, her public relations and marketing company catering to the creative community.


Facebook Graphics

Before joining the LifeBites team, Grace worked as both an editor and a production assistant. She is currently pursuing a career in post-production while creating her own work in her free time. Originally from the Bay Area, Grace is enjoying getting to know Los Angeles by teetering around the city in platform heels that are much too high and attempting to find the best movie theater in town.


Talent Coordinator

LifeBites Motto: “Doing and dreaming are not the same thing.”

DeeAnn, born and raised in Houston, Texas, is a recent transplant to southern California. Growing up, she was involved in just about every activity, from sports and athletics to painting and theater arts. After acquiring a degree in Psychology from the University of Houston, spending some time in Austin, and completing an internship at the UTMB County Health Psychiatric Facility, it was time to spread her wings and explore life outside of the great state of Texas. California’s cornucopia of Master’s Programs in Clinical Psychology drew her to the west coast. While further continuing her education, DeeAnn has been lucky enough to have landed a few awesome opportunities. She acts as an entertainment coordinator for LifeBites, portrayed Marilyn Monroe for the 50th Anniversary tribute show and pursues her interest in the arts in every way possible, soaking in all that southern California has to offer!


Inspiration Director
LifeBites Motto: “Play and play a lot.”

Tinkerbelle became the Inspiration Director last year when we realized here at LifeBites this is her life calling. Whenever Tinkbelle goes out in public, she spreads magic and light, just like the Disney character that shares her name. Her role at LifeBites is to ignite a little inspiration when we have had a difficult day or when need a little boost to get those creative juices going. Getting a kiss hello from Tinkerbelle can make your day.

Aside from her busy career schedule at LifeBites, Tinkerbelle’s activities include playing with kids, letting the seniors get in a pet or two, visiting hospitals and rehab facilities and bringing smiles to everyone who comes in contact with her bundle of joy! However, a big part of her day involves rigorous playing in the park and walking her owner!

We love Tinkerbelle not only because she provides inspiration, but also because she is just her wonderful doggy self!

Tinker’s LifeBite for you? “Be sure to spend time with the one you love, and be sure to play everyday. I do!”

Feel free to email Tinkerbelle if you need a hello or a little inspiration. She would love to hear from you.